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Zippy Loan

  • By using Zippy Loan, borrowers can get a loan as much as $15,000 or as little as $100 in just 24 hours
  • Applying for a loan from Zippy Loan takes just 5 minutes, and only takes basic personal information like how much cash is needed, the borrower’s monthly income, their credit type and state of residence
  • Loans from Zippy Loan are secured, meaning that there is no collateral like a house or a car that has to held as collateral (all that’s needed is proof of regular income)

To get a payday loan using Zippy Loan, customers just need to enter their full name, address, basic income information, and employment information. In most cases, applicants will hear back from Zippy Loan in less than 5 minutes.

Zippy Loan Comments

  • A borrower’s credit score is taken into account with Zippy Loan, but it’s not the only factor, and it’s not the deciding factor
  • Plenty of people with a low credit score or even no credit at all have gotten loans from Zippy Loan

One an applicant sends in what type of loan they’re looking for, Zippy Loan searches from lenders and finds the best match. Zippy Loan handles loans for up to $15,000, but not every applicant will be approved for that much. Most lenders through Zippy Loan do offer extensions for people that may be having trouble paying a loan back due to financial hardships.

What can loans from Zippy Loan be used for?

Some of the most common uses for financial help from Zippy Loan are debt consolidation (for people carrying a large amount of debt from credit cards or other loans), home repairs and renovations (affording a major home renovation can be tough without getting help from a loan), for unexpected expenses (like medical bills or major car repairs), or personal needs (like going to school or traveling).

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