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  • Logon to start your application for your First National Bank of Omaha card
  • You will need the mailer you received that contains your reservation number and your specific access code
  • The First National Bank card offers benefits and protection that absolutely no other card offers, so it’s one you’re going to want to take advantage of

If you’ve received a mailer stating that you’re eligible for a card from First National Bank, congratulations! First National Bank has some of the best credit cards around, and getting pre-approval for one means that you’re one of their very best customers.

If you did receive a mailer from them, it’s something you’ll definitely want to take advantage of! To start your application for your card from First National Bank of Omaha, you’ll need the mailer you received with the information on it. Enter your reservation number and access code and click “continue.” What’s so good about a First National Bank card? To start, they offer FirstGuard, a level of identity theft protection that you won’t find anywhere else! It includes fraud monitoring and absolute zero liability should something happen. First National Bank monitors your account 24/7, and constantly watches for activity that’s not normal. Also with your FNB card, you have access to their card design studio. You can personalize your card with absolutely any image, whether it’s a picture of yourself, your friends or family, your pet, your car, and more! The secure First National website lets you see exactly how your image will appear on the card.With FNB’s chip enhanced cards, a microchip improves data security, making sure that your card and your account information is only available to you. It’s the strongest level of card fraud protection available!

To contact First National Bank about your card application :

  • 1 (800) 642-0014


  1. www.yourbankcard.com/apply