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Work Source WA

  • The Worksource Washington web site is designed for Washington state residents to search for unemployment and file for unemployment benefits
  • Washington residents can use the Worksource web site to manage appointments, prepare a cover letter and resume, store important career documents and more
  • With WorksourceWa.gov, residents can learn about employment workshops and hiring events, and even find helpful tools like budgeting and career choices

Workers in Washington state who are unemployed can use Washington Workforce to begin their unemployment benefits process. There are no in-person offices to file for unemployment in Washington. Every unemployment claim in Washington must be filed online.

Some of the most basic requirement for filing for unemployment in Washington include working in the state during the past 18 months and must have been laid off or fired through no fault of their own. Washington employees who left a job on their own, who were fired for performance issues, or who are on a temporary leave of absence are not eligible to file.

Work Source WA Comments

  • Washington Worksource is a partnership between local, state, and federal agencies to offer employment help through over 60 offices
  • Employers can use the Washington Worksource website to find potential employees, and Washington job seekers can use the web site to help find the opportunity that’s perfect for them
  • The Washington Health Plan finder is another part of Washington Worksource, and helps Washington residents find the best health care coverage for their needs

What other resources does the Washington Worksource online portal offer?

Other services and resources offered by Washington Worksource include job training and education, Washington job classified ads, resources for dislocated workers in Washington, special information for Washington residents who are veterans of the military , and resources solely for Washington farm workers.

To contact the Employment Security Department of Washington

  • P.O. Box 9046, Olympia, WA 98507
  • 800-318-6022

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