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Winship Lending

  • Winship Lending is a loan matching service that lets potential loan applicants search through loan vendors until they find the perfect match for their financial needs
  • New lenders are being added to Winship all the time, so if someone is denied a loan, it’s recommended they check back frequently
  • There is no charge or fee to look for a loan through the Winship web site, but the loan vendors will have their own fees

To start the process of searching loan vendors with Winship, applicants will be asked to rate their credit, from from the choices of “excellent, good, fair, or poor.” How someone rates their credit changes what potential loan vendors Winship Lending will show them.

Winship Lending Comments

  • Loans issued by vendors through Winship will be wired directly to the applicant’s bank account
  • Winship Lending offers short-term loans up to $1,000 and long-term loans up to $5,000
  • Installment loans from Winship are loans that are repaid in several equal installments, and has a term of many months. Short term loans are loans that are usually smaller, and unsecured, but are designed to meet a quick need and be paid back all at once (usually until the next paycheck)

There is no guarantee that a Winship loan search will result in a loan application opportunity and in order to qualify for a line of credit the customer must be 18 years of age or older.

What are the Qualifications to use Winship?

  • Entering a cell phone number instead of a home phone number makes lenders on Winship less likely to initiate a loan
  • Winship can be reached at 136#126 Johnson Ferry Road,  Marietta, GA 3006 or via phone by calling 877-251-2126

There are only three main requirements to use the Winship Lending web site to find a loan. The applicant must be 18 years old, have a regular job with documented pay stub (or other source of income like child support or lottery winnings), and have a current bank account that money is directly sent to.

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