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WIFI Media Connect Philips

  • To begin using the Philips WirelessConnect page to connect a Philips TV to Wi-Fi, users will first need to select their country of residence
  • By using Philips Wi-Fi Media connect, TV owners can enjoy content that’s on their personal computer through their Philips TV screen wirelessly
  • Philips Wi-Fi connect capability can not be found on all Philips televisions, just ones that are advertised and promoted as having this option

Formerly Wi-Fi MediaConnect, the Philips WirelessConnect web page helps users connect their Philips television to their home Wi-Fi network to take advantage of smart TV capabilities. Philips Wi-Fi media connect is only available for download on the PC, and isn’t yet available for Apple computers. Only videos and photos can be displayed using the Philips Connect program. The playback of video can be affected by both PC performance and available network speed, as well as wireless connection (802.11.n recommended) , the number of neighbourhood Wi-Fi networks that are in range of the TV and their usage, the distance that the PC and the TV are from their router and the type of walls between the PC, TV and router. To connect a computer to a Philips TV, both the devices must  be connected to the same home Wi-Fi network.

How to download Philips Wi-Fi Media Connect software

To download the free Philips Media Connect software, TV owners just need to enter the code found in the menu system of their Philips device. Users can consult their user manual for direction on locating their code. Once downloaded, customers just need to start the file “Wi-Fi MediaConnect_setup.exe” file and follow the instructions that will appear on the screen. To contact Philips about the Wi-Fi Media connect software please dial 1 (888) 744-5477.

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