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My Best Buy Credit Card Registration

  • Logon to register your Best Buy credit card and begin using it
  • A Best Buy credit card can be used at any one of Best Buy’s 1,050 locations, or online at Bestbuy.com
  • Once the information is verified by Best Buy, an online username and password will be set up to make access easier

Shoppers at Best Buy know that there’s a good reason the chain is a go-to for any technology lover. Best Buy offers thousands of products at great prices, and backs it up with a very knowledgeable staff that’s always available to help.

For shoppers who visit Best Buy often, there’s a great chance the Best Buy credit card is just what they’re looking for. Best Buy customers who have been accepted and approved for a store credit card just need to logon to activate their Best Buy credit card and start using it.

To activate  a Best Buy credit card, customers will just need the Best Buy card number , the three digit security code on the back of the card, the customer’s name as it appears on the Best Buy card, and the last 4 digits of the applicant’s Social Security number. Once all of this information is verified by Best Buy, the customer will have the option to set up an online user name and password tied to the Best Buy account to make future access easier.

The Best Buy store credit card, the Best Buy branded Visa card, the Best Buy Magnolia card, and the Best Buy Pacific Sales card  can all be activated with this service.

Best Buy was founded in 1966, and currently has over 1,000 locations across the United States. Best Buy began in St. Paul, Minnesota selling high fidelity speakers, and quickly grew to be one of the most popular electronics stores in the nation.