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Loma Warehouses Employee Class Settlement

  • To potentially receive  money as a part of the Loma Warehouses settlement, you must complete and sign the claim form
  • Your signed, completed form must be postmarked no later than Aug. 20, 2015
  • If you were employed with Rogers-Premier and with Impact you will need to fill out two separate claims forms

A class action lawsuit regarding Schneider Logistics alleges that the defendants committed several different labor violations over a period of time. These violations include not paying the appropriate minimum wage and overtime wage, not allowing mandated meal breaks and rest breaks, inaccurately reporting pay, failing to provide accurate pay stubs, not keeping proper employment and pay records and providing workers with access to those records, and retaliating back against workers who sought information about their wages. These actions would violate both California labor law and federal law under the “Federal Fair Labor Standards Ac” (FLSA). If found guilty of these actions, the defendants would have to pay monetary damages.

  • The defendants deny these allegations, but have agreed to settle out of court
  • Wal-Mart and Schneider Logistics will pay $21 million into a settlement fund. This money will be dispersed among all the participants in the suit and their legal representation.
  • The courts must approve this settlement before any funds are paid out.
  • If you active choose to “opt out” of the settlement by filling out the appropriate form or if you choose to do nothing at all, you will not be awarded any money from this settlement, but you still retain your right to sue as an individual. By becoming a part of the class action suit, you are not eligible to file a lawsuit in this matter on your own.

To contact the claims administrator, use these methods:

  • RG/2 Claims Administration LLC, Carrillo, et al. v. Schneider Logistics, Inc., et al., Settlement Administrator, P.O. Box 59479, Philadelphia, PA, 19102-9479
  • Phone: (866) 742-4955
  • Fax: (215) 979-1695