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Verizon Wireless Device Trade In

  • Logon to find a trade value for your Verizon Wireless Device
  • You will receive an immediate quote for your old Verizon cell phone
  • The device you’re trading in cannot be currently active on the Verizon network

To get started trading in your device with Verizon, you just need to enter the details (the model number, condition, etc.) to see how much your phone will be worth. Once you’ve entered that information, Verizon will give you a potential quote. If you agree to the quote, just click

Once you’ve submitted that form, you’ll be sent a prepaid, addressed box. When you receive that box, just drop your phone in it and sent it through the mail. Once Verizon receives the phone you’ve sent, they’ll make sure the condition is acceptable and that they can use the device. If Verizon accepts it, you’ll receive a Verizon Wireless electronic gift card via e-mail. If you’re an existing Verizon Wireless customer, you can actually choose to have this amount credited to your bill. It will appear in one to two billing cycles.

If you’re trading a device in, there are a few requirements. Your trade in can’t be active on the Verizon network currently, and you will want to clear off all of your personal data first. You do not need to send in any accessories like chargers, cases, or memory cards. Verizon won’t give you any trade in credit for these accessories, and they won’t be returned.

If you’ve already sent in a device trade in request with Verizon, you can actually logon to track the status of that trade in. You can find out if your device has been received, if your trade in was accepted, and how long it will be before you receive your payment.

To contact someone at Verizon regarding your device trade in:

1 (800) 837-4966


  1. www.vzw.com/tradein