www.vzw.com/switchplan – Switch Verizon Wireless Plan Online

VZW Switch Plan

  • Current Verizon Wireless customer can access their account online to switch their current plan
  • To access an account the customer will have to provide their VZW wireless phone number or their User ID
  • Customers are allowed to upgrade a plan or downgrade a plan depending on their preference

The VZW Switch Plan is open to all Verizon Customers (assuming they are not locked into a contract) and customers that are switching a plan should make sure they pick a size with enough data to share between all devices on the given VZW account.

VZW Switch Plan Comments

  • A default plan size will be selected for the customers based on the number of devices on associated with their VZW account and the average amount of data they use
  • Customers are NOT required to select the default plan size
  • The Verizon Wireless  Data Calculator  will help them pick the VZW plan that is right for them
  • Customers will be able to pick the exact date of when the new plan will go into effect
  • To select a different date than the one recommended, click Change Effective Date?, select a new date and click Confirm
  • VZW customer who currently have a MORE Everything Plan or a Nationwide plan are allowed to change the amount of minutes or data without actually having to change their plan
  • Customers can view up to 18 months of recent bills to help determine how much data and minutes they have used in the past

Please note that the customers upgrade eligibility and the contract end date will not change when selecting a new Verizon Wireless Plan.  Verizon will not charge the customer to make a plan change BUT the new plan may cost more than the old one (i.e. the new plan may feature more minutes, messages and data).  Any questions in regards to the VZW Switch Plan service can be directed to a Verizon Wireless customer call center at (800) 922-0204.

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