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Vizio Registration

  • The Vizio product registration site lets customer register their Vizio product with SquareTrade to add warranty protection beyond the traditional manufacturer’s warranty
  • 2 year and 4 year warranties are available from Square Trade, usually costing about $29 and $49 respectively for the cheapest of televisions and $169 and $349 for the highest tier of televisions
  • Square Trade protection is only available to purchase on a television within the first 30 days of purchase

To register a Vizio device with SquareTrade, customers will need to select their specific model number, and choose where they bought their product. Square Trade has protected over 25 million customers purchases to date. Overall, especially when it comes to televisions, Square Trade covers more than other insurance companies (like covering accidental drops and falls plus water damage).

Vizio Registration Notes

  • A warranty from Square Trade covers mechanical and electrical failures that arise from normal use, and has a 24/7 zero-hassle claims process
  • One of the biggest advantages of a Square Trade warranty is that it includes free on-site service at the customer’s home for large televisions and covers 100% parts & labor with no deductibles
  • In home repair service from Square Trade only applies to TVs that are 37 inches and larger
  • TVs that are under 37 inches get free shipping both to and from Square Trade though

What are some other things a Square Trade television warranty covers?

Square Trade Vizio TV protection covers dead pixels, lines on the screen, discoloration, or dim screens that can make the TV unusable, broken buttons, speaker and sound failure, and power supply failure among other things. If a TV won’t turn on or won’t stay powered on, or if the audio is low or not there at all, those things are usually covered by Square Trade.

To contact Square Trade about TV protection

  • Call 1-877-927-7268
  • 360 3rd Street, 6th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94107
  • st-questions@squaretrade.com

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