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Virgin Health Miles

  • Virgin Health Miles is now Virgin Pulse, a program that functions like a credit card rewards program, but gives out points for making healthy lifestyle choices
  • Founded in 2014, Virgin Pulse is open to all Virgin company employees, and focuses on areas like health, well-being, and employee engagement
  • Just about any of the major wearable fitness devices (FitBit, Nike, and MisFit) work in conjunction with Virgin Pulse

Virgin Pulse is designed to help Virgin employees live a healthier lifestyle by helping them make small changes every day. Thanks to Virgin Pulse’s tracking technology, checking in every day is actually fun for employees in the program. When employees check in with Virgin Pulse, they earn points that can redeemed for great gifts like electronics, fitness equipment, and even travel. There’s no limit to the number of Virgin Health Miles an employee can earn.

Virgin Health Miles Comments

  • Free to use
  • The Virgin Pulse program tries to help employees in the three main areas of health: physical, mental, and emotional
  • Some parts of Virgin Pulse are focused on getting more active, some on getting more sleep at night, and some on lessening stress

Companies are encouraged to participate in the Virgin Pulse program because when employees check in, they’re often  checking in on other areas of the company’s HR Department as well.

More About Virgin:

Virgin Group was founded in 1970, and is headed by Richard Branson today. The British company has an annual revenue of about £15 billion. The company is split into major divisions like Virgin Records, Virgin Media, and Virgin Airline. Today, Virgin Company is made up of about 400 different businesses around the world.

To contact Virgin Pulse:

  • 492 Old Connecticut Path, Suite 601 Framingham, MA 01701
  • (866) 852-6898

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