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Verizon Wireless Free Phones

  • Verizon currently offers several promotions for totally free smartphones
  • According to Verizon’s website, the phones are free with a two-year contract
  • In addition to smartphones like the powerful Droid Maxx and sleek Droid Mini, you can get devices like a thumb drive modem, wireless house phone, or even a broadband router – all for free!

Verizon’s free device promotion is open to all subscribers. New and existing customers are eligible for a free device upon approval of a two-year service contract. With the nation’s most comprehensive high speed data network, Verizon is one of the most reliable carriers in the world – and subscribers now have the opportunity to take advantage of their network on a free device!

Important Information

  • Free devices offer all the capabilities and features of paid devices – after all, they’re the same phones
  • Choosing a free device as part of a contract is a budget-friendly smartphone option that ensures you get a fantastic bargain on the phone you need
  • While the device is free with a contract, that’s just it – you have to be on a contract to get the phone . Even with a free device, you’re still subject to monthly charges and fees
  • Remember that all free phones are subject to a $36 activation fee, as well as state and local taxes

If you break your contract, you’ll be liable to pay the retail value of the phone plus any cancellation fees. As exciting as it is to get a free device, be sure that you’re able to meet your two-year commitment before locking yourself into a contract.

How to Get Your Phone?

  • Visit the Verizon FREE Phone web portal (see citations below)
  • Call 800-775-8099
  • Visit your local Verizon store! If you aren’t sure where it is, use the store locator on Verizon’s website

Verizon offers lots of amazing devices powered by one of the best mobile networks in the United States. If a two-year commitment is the right option for you, take advantage of Verizon’s free phone offer today!