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US Bank Contour

  • Logon to activate or manage a US Bank Contour Prepaid Visa card, to view recent transactions, see the remaining available balance, and more
  • Contour prepaid debit cards are accepted anywhere Visa is taken, plus online and over the phone
  • Customers can sign up to have their paycheck directly deposited to their account, and have their funds available up to 48 hours faster than with a paper check

When US Bank Contour customers sign up for a Contour prepaid Visa card, they will have the chance to customize their card by choosing one of two accent colors (either red or blue), a color that will also be on the back and even the edge of the card. Customers can choose a nickname for their card that will appear on the customer’s Contour Dashboard.  If the customer wants, they can even add a specific spending area, like clothes, kids, groceries, or travel, that the card will be used for.

  • Once you’ve completed your selections, it’s time to ship your card
  • Choose standard shipping for free or expedited shipping for a fee
  • A U.S. Bank credit or debit card is required for checkout when customizing the card

The Contour Visa Debit card is a prepaid card that was developed to give customers convenient access to spend, transfer, and manage money. The Contour card from US Bank give customers the freedom of spending like cash, with the management ability of a traditional bank account.

Contour gives cardholders the chance to create sub account for anyone over the age of 13. A Contour sub account holder will receive a card that spends money from the same pool at the primary account. These accounts can be added for family members, spouses, or other trusted spenders.

To contact US Bank about a Countour prepaid Visa card:

  • 1-855-209-8388
  • 800 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402


  1. www.usbankcontour.com