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USAA Home Circle

  • Find a home via city, zip code, MLS number, school district, or army base location
  • The USAA Home Circle service is operated by the USAA Real Estate Rewards Network who is a licensed real estate broker and subsidiary of USAA Federal Savings Bank
  • The service is designed for homes, new homes, rentals, and base housing

The USAA Home Circle search service also offers an advance search where the user can search by number of bedrooms, bathrooms, the max price they are willing to pay, or the minimum price they are hoping to pay.  Once the user has entered their preferred search method they will be shown a map with a list of homes with the prices in a green rectangle.  To learn more about any of the given homes displayed on the USAA Home Circle maybe simply move the mouse over the price of the home in questions to show the address and MLS number.

USAA Home Circle Comments

  • The service is SUPER easy to use and FREE
  • Even though the service is operated by USAA non military personal can use it to find or locate a home
  • Home owners who are looking to sell a home can receive up to $6000 when using the USAA Real Estate Rewards Network
  • The more the home is worth the bigger the reward (for example a home that is valued at 100k to 149k will earn a $650 reward while a home valued at 600k to 699k will earn a $4000 reward
  • Please note the USAA Real estate Rewards Network is not available in all areas

Any questions in regards to the USAA Home Circle service can be directed to a customer service agent at 210-531-USAA (8722) or 800-531-USAA.  Consumers on any of the following networks: AT&T, Sprint , T-Mobile , Verizon can simply enter #USAA to speak to a USAA Home Circle agent.

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