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U-Haul Dealer

  • Access a U-Haul dealer application online or sign in to an already existing U-Haul account
  • The service is free to use and is operated by operated by Web Team Associates, Inc. with consent from U-Haul International, Inc
  • Customers will need a Username and Password to access the online services

The U-Haul Dealer network application will require the applicants business to be open on Saturdays if they want to become a U-Hauler dealer.  The business must also be based in the United States and once the U-Haul Dealer application has been completed the user will receive an email confirmation that the U-Haul dealer application has been received… the applicant will be contacted by phone within 3 business days by a local U-Haul representative for further information.

U-Haul Dealer Comments

  • Applications are not guaranteed to be approved
  • Applicants agree to have a credit report pulled on the above identified sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation
  • It is not required that the business be open on Sunday (although that is subject to change
  • Once approved users will be able to check their commission statements online and connect with other U-Haul dealers
  • It is OK for the business to be open 24 hour a days 7 days a week (in fact this may actually improve the odds that the U-Haul dealer application is approved)
  • On average U-Haul will pay out 21% commission across all of their product lines (U-Haul claims this is the highest rate in the transport/storage industry)
  • Applicants who are approved are encouraged to have their bank account linked to their U-Haul Dealer account for easy payments
  • Most small businesses should receive discounted merchant fees

Those who are approved to become a U-Dealer should consider the eMove Storage Affiliate Network  which should help most dealers maximize exposure and profit.  Any questions in regards to a U-Haul Dealer account can be directed to a customer service agent at 800-789-3638.

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