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  • Pay a traffic or parking citation, a non-criminal traffic ticket, or a red light camera ticket issued by Suffolk County, New York online
  • To pay a Suffolk County parking citation, customers need to enter their case or ticket number, along with their last name. At that point, they will be directed to a page where they can enter their credit card information and make a payment that is immediately applied to their account
  • Citations issued by Suffolk County will need to be responded to immediately, as drivers who fail to respond to a ticket will automatically assume a guilty plea

Drivers in the five western towns that make up Suffolk County who receive a moving violation that is not criminal, and was not issued in an incorporated village will have their case handled by Suffolk County Traffic & Parking Violations Agency. This includes parking or red light camera tickets.  Please note the TPVA Payments is free to use.

  • Drivers who plead not guilty will have their case heard by a Judicial Hearing Officer
  • This JHO for Suffolk County does have the authority to suspend or revoke a New York driver’s license if they feel it is in the best interest of public safety to do so
  • Like with any other case in Suffolk County, the defendant does have the ability to present evidence and call witnesses in proceedings

If a driver chooses to plead guilty, they will need to sign the back of their ticket and either mail in payment to the Suffolk County Traffic & Parking Violations Agency or pay their citation online. A guilty plea cannot be entered by mail or online if it will result in the suspension of a New York drivers license.

American Express is not accepted for online traffic citation payments for Suffolk County.

To contact the Suffolk County Traffic and Parking Violations Agency

  • H. Lee Dennison Building, 100 Veterans Memorial Hwy, Hauppauge, NY 11788
  • 631-853-3800

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