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Texas Records To Go

  • Provides driving records in Texas (also called MVRs) give a history of driving violations, suspensions, and other details about a person’s driving history
  • The Texas Records to Go web site lets Texas residents order a copy of their driver record online and get it the same day via download
  • Anyone that has a valid Texas driver’s license is eligible to request their driver record online

When drivers order a Texas driving record online, they can choose electronic delivery to have their driving record available for download within 24 hours. Drivers that need to order a physical copy of their Texas driving record can choose to have theirs delivered by USPS or FedEx.

Texas Records To Go Comments

  • Once a Texas driving record order is placed with DPS, the order is non refundable
  • US Mail shipping of a Texas driers license usually takes about 7 to 10 days
  • Texas Records to Go is the fastest and most convenient way for people who drive in the state of Texas to get a copy of their driving record

What is the difference between a certified Texas driver record and a standard Texas driving record?

  • The standard Texas driver record is for drivers that need a background check (or for Texas insurance or employment needs). A standard record has the drivers legal name and date of birth, the current status of their license, and any violations on their record in the past 3 years

Residents need to order the Certified Texas driving record if they have been ordered to take a Texas defensive driving course. A certified Texas driving record contains the drivers legal name and date of birth, the status of their Texas driver’s license, and has a list of any violations in their record.  Any questions about the Texas Records To Go service can be directed to 800-851-3007.

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