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Texas EcommDirect

  • Logon to add money to an account of someone incarcerated in a State of Texas prison or purchase a specific item from the prison’s catalog
  • A specific item purchase from the Texas Department of Justice will be delivered to the inmate within 5 days will a general monetary deposit will be added within 48 hours
  • Offenders are limited to one online purchase from the State of Texas per day

The State of Texas’ offender direct purchase program offers the option for families to deposit money into the account of those incarcerated in Texas state prisons for use in the institution’s commissary

Users can search for an offender by their last name or by their official Texas offender ID number. Once the correct offender has been verified, families can purchase a specific commissary items for the offender from an online catalog. A specific item purchased from the Texas Department of Jusice will be delivered to the offender in 5 business days after the order is received. Uses can also use the Texas Trust Fund eCommDirect to make a general deposit into their a trust fund account. A deposit into a Texas offender’s account will be added within two business days. There is a deposit limit of $300 per transaction. This services allows the user to ensue how an inmate in Texas is spending their funds.

All sales and deposits using the State of Texas’ online offender purchase program are non refundable. There will also be no credit given if a purchase or deposit is made, and the offender is subsequently release from a Texas prison.

Texas inmates are limited to one purchase per person per day, and a limit of $60 spent per month, except from October to December when the amount is increased to $85 per month for the holidays.

To contact the State of Texas about an offender direct purchase:

  • 1-877-452-9060


  1. www.texas.gov/ecommdirect