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Teachers Pay Teachers Review

  • Upload lesson plans and worksheets you already have, and get paid when other teachers use them
  • Over 3 million teachers have purchased $175 million worth of material
  • Common Core specific material is included for certain states

It’s not a secret that teachers in the United States don’t get paid nearly what they’re worth. When you’re shaping the minds of our future, there’s almost no amount that’s enough pay. It’s unfortunate, but the majority of teachers do have to work additional jobs to help supplement their income .

One of the best things about Teachers Pay Teachers is that you’re getting paid for work you’ve already done. You just upload lesson plans and classroom worksheets you already have, and other teachers purchase them if they apply to what they’re doing. So you’re helping other teachers spend time teaching (instead of planning), and you’re getting a little money on the side.

Almost any teacher will tell you that one of their most invaluable resources is other teachers. Thanks to the Internet, and the power of the teaching community, there’s more help out there for teachers than ever before.

Teachers Pay Teachers is an incredibly huge resource with materials on any subject imaginable, appropriate for any grade level. Over 3 million teachers use this site, and they’ve spent over $175 million! It’s clear that teachers are willing to pay for quality work to use in their classroom, so you’re missing out if your material isn’t on this site.

If you’re in a state that utilizes common core teaching and testing, there are over 200,000 documents specifically tailored and designed to meet common core standards in certain states. Teachers are actually able to rate and review the documents they purchase, so you can see what other teachers think before you decide to purchase.

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