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  • Logon to sign up for or access your TD Bank’s paperless statements, saving you $1 a month over a mailed paper statement
  • TD Bank is one of the USA’s top 10 largest banks, and has been named the “Most Convenient Bank in America”
  • Sign up to receive e-mail alerts if your TD Bank account overdrafts, or if a transaction over a certain amount occurs

TD Bank was founded in 1852 in Portland, Maine, and now has over 1,300 locations across the United States, primarily on the eastern coast. TD Bank has been rated one of the most convenient banks in America, and is one of the nation’s top 10 largest banks.

While TD Bank is already known as a very convenient bank, if you’re a TD Bank member, you’re missing out if you haven’t converted your statement to be paperless. Paperless statements from TD Bank not only save you money as a customer, but they’re better for the environment, they arrive to you more quickly than in the mail, they’re more secure, and they’re easier to keep track of.

To start, you’re saving money when you make your TD Bank statements paperless. When a statement is mailed to you, you’re charged $1 each time. It’s only $1, but that adds up over time! In addition, your online TD Bank account is incredibly convenient, letting you access up to seven years’ worth of statements, and giving you a live look at your TD Bank account 24 hour a day. You can see transactions that come out of your TD Bank account as soon as they’re made, and can use the TD Bank budgeting tools to analyze where you’re spending your money.

You can switch between paper and paperless statements for your TD Bank account at any time.

To contact TD Bank about your online account:

  • 1-866-251-3552


  1. www.tdbank.com/go-online