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Surge Card Info

  • Logon to access and manage Continental Bank’s Surge Card: make a payment , see the total balance, view transactions, and more
  • Continental Finance has issued over 2 million credit cards since their inception, and specializes in getting credit to people who may have blemishes on their credit history
  • The Surge card has a $120 annual membership fee, payable at $10 monthly installments

The Surge card from Continental Finance is a great option for users looking to rebuild their credit, or for first time credit card users who do not plan on carrying a balance on their card. Continental Finance is the same company that’s behind similar credit cards like Verve, Matrix, and Cerulean.

Continental Finance was founded in 2005, and is the USA’s leader in providing credit cards to people who may have less than perfect credit history. Whether it’s rebuilding credit or establishing credit for the first time, Continental Finance helps users get credit when other companies say no. Continental Finance has programs in place to help lenders learn to use credit responsibly, and lives by the motto of, “customer support, fair treatment, and responsible lending.”

The Surge card does have a  variable interest rate of 29.99 percent, so it’s probably best to not carry a balance on it.  The Surge Card also has a $120 annual maintenance fee, a fee that users will pay as $10 per month installments. This $120 fee is waived for the first year, though! Adding an additional card has a one time $30 fee, and the Surge Card has an annual limit of $500 (which becomes $380 after paying the installment fees).

For cash advances on the Surge Card, the same 29.99% interest rate applies, as does a 5% transaction fee per advance. Foreign transaction fees are 3% on the Surge card, which is in line with most credit cards.

To contact Continental Finance about the Surge Card:

  • 1-866-449-4514