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Sunset Customer Service

  • People who need to make a payment for Sunset magazine can do so online through the Sunset Customer Service page
  • The Sunset Customer Service is free to use for all subscribers
  • Offers a live chat service which is powered by Moxie Software
  • The service will be down once a month for maintenance and upgrades

Customers who are subscribed to unset magazine can visit the Sunset customer service portal to manage their magazine subscription, including making a payment to their account , seeing how many magazines they have left, changing their address and more. Subscribers who are getting Sunset magazine to their home but need to change their delivery address can make that change online easily by just logging in to their account. The new address change should be reflected in two magazine cycles. People who are looking for a gift subscription to Sunset can send one via e-mail through the Sunset customer service portal, and the recipient should start getting the magazine in just three months. Those who would like make a payment to Sunset magazine will need to log in with their account number and their ZIP code (the Sunset account number can be found on the mailing label directly above the customer’s name). Please note an online payment for Sunset magazine will be applied to the subscriber’s account within one to two business days, so if a payment is being made actually on the due date, it’s recommended that customers just call in.

More to Know About Sunset Magazine

Sunset is a lifestyle magazine that focuses on home design and decorating tips, gardening ideas, healthy recipes, travel recommendations, and other info related to an upscale, trendy, healthy lifestyle. The magazine was founded in 1898 and actually focuses mostly on the American west.

  • The magazine started as a publication of the Southern Pacific Transportation Company as a way to combat the negative “wild west” stereotype many people still had about California and the surrounding states

To contact Sunset magazine about a subscription

  • 1-877-297-7138
  • SUNSET Customer Service, PO Box 60001 , Tampa, FL 33660-0001

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