www.sprint.com/verify discount – Verify Sprint Discount Program Online

Sprint Verify Discount

  • Check to see if any given company, university or organization participates in the popular Sprint Discount Program
  • Offers a chat option which is based on agent availability
  • Please note this is for companies, colleges, and organizations only not for individual discount offers

The Sprint Verify Discount program will allow certain companies, colleges, and organizations to receive a percent of their monthly bill (i.e. employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs should receive a 10% discount when opening a new account).  Please note not all companies are eligible for this program and employees who are not eligible can speak with their human resource department to reverse that.

Sprint Verify Comments

  • The Sprint Discount Program can help eligible customers get special savings on their plan
  • A must check for anyone thinking about a new wireless plan
  • Checking eligibility is free
  • Customers can also use the service to check the status of a current discount request
  • Please allow up to 3 days to verify the discount (although most of the time it will take 24 hours or less)

When verifying eligibility the customer will have to provide their work email address and then complete the online form and upload the proof document.  Once Sprint received the email they will send another email back to the customer for verification.  The  Sprint Discount Program Request Form with the customers proof document can easily be faxed to 913-523-198.

What type of items may be considered proof of ID under the Sprint Verify terms?

  • Current employee identification badge
  • Military members can provide their DD 214 or W2 with orders
  • Unexpired credit union credit/debit card
  • Current statement of account issued within the last 90 days
  • An employer pay stub from the last 3 months

Any questions about the Sprint Verify program for companies, colleges, and organizations can be directed to 1-866-639-8354 or the customer can visit their local Sprint store location.

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