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Sprint MySprint Manage Your Account

  • Logon to enroll your Sprint account on online services
  • Access your Sprint online account to manage everything related to your account and your bill
  • Sprint Zone gives you access to your wireless account and everything you need to know

Sprint is one of the largest and most trusted communication providers in the nation, primarily because they genuinely care about making sure their customers have a good experience. Fortunately, Sprint has an online system set up where you can take care of anything to do with your account.

When you set up your Sprint account online, you can handle virtually anything related to your account, including changing your caller ID name or number, signing up for eBill services instead of paper statements, starting automatic payments, viewing and making a one time payment towards your Sprint bill, blocking calls or texts from a certain number, manage your Sprint data usage, and more.

Enrolling in Sprint online is simple. All you need to do is enter your Sprint wireless number and have the personal contact information for the primary account holder. After that, you’ll choose a name and password, and you’re all set!

Sprint online services are especially beneficial to mobile users, where the “Sprint Zone” lets you pay your wireless bill, check to see if you’re eligible for an upgrade, report a problem with network performance, receive support for your Sprint wireless devices, schedule a visit at a Sprint store so you don’t have to wait in line, and get the latest news and offers from Sprint.

You can even logon to Sprint online services to manage what ads appear on your mobile phone! Just enter a few parameters, and the ads will be tailored specifically towards you.

To contact Sprint about your online account:

  • 888-211-4727


  1. www.sprint.com/mysprint