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Speed Loan USA

  • Apply for a loan online with an authorization code
  • Speed Loan USA offers loans from nation wide lenders and has a fast approval process
  • Bad credit is OK (as long as it’s not to bad)

Loans from Speed Loan USA lenders generally ranger from “4.99% to 34%” and the APR of the loan includes the interest, fees and nominal charges factored into the loan.  Please note that Speed Loan USA does not provide the loan rather provides lenders who will then either approve or deny a loan application.  Generally speaking the shorter the loan the higher the APR (the longer the loan the lower the APR).  Short terms loans with Speed Loan USA are defined as 60 days or less.

Please note that in the event the borrower fails to make payments the loan account may be sent to collection agencies which will result in bothersome phone calls and damage to a credit score. Collection practices vary be lender and will be outlined in the Speed Loan USA agreement.  When finalizing a loan be sure to read over the terms and conditions of the loan to be sure the applicant is not getting hood winked.

This sounds good and all but what is needed to apply for a loan online?

  • Full name (the applicants named will be used in a credit check)
  • Mobile and home phone (just in case the lender needs to make contact in regards to a late payment)
  • Time zone
  • Email address
  • Loan amount and type

Speed Loan USA offers loans ranging from $200 to $10,000 and in some cases applicants can be approved for loans for more than $10,000 (this will require a high monthly income and good credit).  The type of loan can be an unsecured loan (theses generally come with higher APR’s), Pay Day Loans, Bad Credit Loans, and Personal Loans.

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