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Socrates Survey

  • The SocratesSurvey service is intended for customers of certain health insurance providers to analyze whether a health insurance claim belongs to their company or another one
  • This Socrates Inc. survey is considered to be a routine information gathering process
  • It’s recommended that patients taking this survey have documentation with them before they begin the survey, which should only take no more than 15 minutes to fully complete

Almost all health insurances has a clause called a “subrogation” clause that allows for the opportunity to take another look at certain claims to see what company they belong to. To start taking this survey, which is administered by Socrates, a part of SCIO Health, patients will need to enter their case number and their last name.

If a customer believes that they have a medical procedure that is being debited to the wrong insurance provider, they can take the Socrates Health Survey to start the process of having that credited to the right company. The survey from SCIO Health is available to take in either English or Spanish.

More things to know about SCIO Health Analytics

Founded in 2007, SCIO Health Analytics is headquartered in West Hartford, Connecticut, and has over 900 employees across 6 delivery centers in the United States, India, and the UK. SCIO serves over 80 healthcare organizations and over 20 provider groups.

  • Provides healthcare analytics to more than 90 million members
  • Works for 8 of the top 15 global pharmaceutical companies
  • Helps clients in areas like claims and data analysts, researchers, business process analysts and more

To contact SCIO:

  • SCIO Health Analytics, 433 South Main St, Suite 203, West Hartford, CT 06110, USA
  • 1.800.653.3144

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