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  • Logon to place a portrait order with Lifetouch Prestige
  • Once you place your order with Lifetouch, expect to receive your photos within two to three weeks
  • If you want more photos after you place your first order, just log back into your account to start shopping again

There’s nothing like a good picture to mark a special time and place in life, and there’s probably no picture more special than a school photo. It’s a great way to see how we grow from year to year, and a special memory of some great years. Lifetouch specializes in school photos, and their Prestige program is an excellent way to shop for print of your school photos.

You’ll need to place your order with Lifetouch within 30 days of receiving your proofs. Lifetouch recommends sharing your photo proof with family and friends first, and getting their feedback as to which photos they like best. Remember that you can choose from as many proofs as you like! Just know that each package does have a limited number of poses, and if you order more than that package allows, Lifetouch will charge a small fee . You can even order the proof set only if you want!

When you place your photo order with Prestige, you can expect to get your photos from Lifetouch two to three weeks later. Any major credit card is accepted for payment. You can even pay for your Lifetouch photos with PayPal!

Lifetouch does touch up your photos at no charge, including airbrushing of small blemishes that aren’t a natural and permanent feature. If you order a proof set, you will receive a new set of proofs without watermarks and with retouching. You’ll also have the option to choose what photo you want Lifetouch to use for your school’s yearbook!

To contact Lifetouch Prestige with a question about portraits:

  • 800-736-4775