www.sfmta.com/paycitation – Pay Parking Tickets Citations Online

SFMTA Pay Citation

  • Pay a traffic ticket online using a debit or any major credit card (i.e. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover)
  • Once a payment has been made the customer will receive an online receipt
  • Users can search for parking tickets by license plate or the citation number associated with the ticket

The SFMTA Pay Citation service is free to use and those who do not pay a parking ticket run the risk of having a warrant issued for their arrest.  Users can also search for Muni transit violations by citation number.  Please note if the user had a boot put on their car or towed the fee cannot be paid via the SFMTA Pay Citation service.  Once a citation (aka parking ticket) has been issued please allow up to 2 weeks for the ticket to show up online).

SFMTA Pay Citation Service Comments

  • Please dial (415) 701-3000 in regards to a recent change of ownership on the vehicle in question
  • Once a payment has been made please allow up to 2 hours for the payment to show up online
  • Both International and U.S. credit cards are accepted
  • Email addresses are required when making a payment and it will only be used for contact and billing purposes

Those looking to pay a parking ticket will need the citation number or license plate information… those looking to pay down a transit violation will need the citation number (this number will begin with a ‘TV’).

Primary References

  1. To pay a traffic citation, such as a speeding ticket, please visit the Superior Court traffic citation website
  2. www.sfmta.com/paycitation