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See Your Chart

  • Access a chart online with a username and password
  • The service is free to use new patients will have to register
  • A PIN Number may be needed after the patient has gained accessed

The See Your Chart service allows a patient to view their medical chart online without having to make a bothersome visit to the doctor’s office.  The service is provided by Altos Solutions and any questions about the patients chart should be directed to their primary doctor (not Altos Solutions).  In order to register for See Your Chart the patient will need their access code, PIN number, date of birth, and provide their gender (i.e. male or female).  The See Your Chart access code is a one time code and should have been provided to them by their doctor’s office.

Altos Solutions, Inc.

  • Silicon Valley based information system oncology solutions firm
  • A division of Flatiron Health , Inc.
  • Private firm with more than 100 employees

Flatiron Health has two corporate headquarteres one at 200 Fifth Avenue, 8th Fl New York, NY 10010 and the other at 143 Second Street San Francisco, CA 94105.  Any questions about the See Your Chart service can be directed to Flatiron Health at 888-662-6367.

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