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Screenwise Panel Member Login

  • Enter the promotional code associated with the GfK market research company
  • United States households have been randomly chosen to participate this new high-end research study conducted for Google by GfK
  • The code will be 6 digits long and can be found on the cover letter mailed by the Screenwise Panel

ScreenwisePanel.com is delivered by The Screenwise Panel Recruitment Team.  Essentially GfK is paying consumers cash money in order to help them understand how people use different media in order to improve Google services.

Once the code has been entered the consumer will be asked to complete a short survey .  If the consumer is lucky enough to qualify they will be awarded $20 immediately and another $100 once the household in question sets up the GfK panel service.  All information collected be kept strictly confidential in accordance with GfK’s privacy policy.

After the consumer has collected the $20 and $100 they will be paid another $45 per month as long as they are enrolled in the Panel service.

www.ScreenwisePanel.com Notes

  • A consumer research project conducted by GfK and Google (2017 GfK Custom Research North America)
  • Ideal for consumers looking to make a quick buck
  • The 6 digit code will consist of both numbers and letters
  • All data collected will help Google determine how media is being used in todays current society
  • All consumers in the household will be paid as long as they are 13 years of age or older
  • A GfK professional will have to install a high-end CISCO wireless router in the users household in order tho gather the data

Any questions in regards to this lucrative research study can be directed to the Screenwise Panel Recruitment Team at 855-206-3342 or fire an email of to: info@screenwisepanel.com.  Questions can also be directed to 5610 Rowland, Set 160, Minnetonka, MN 55343.

At this time it appears that this research study is only available to US residents.


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