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Schiff Glucosamine Settlement

  • Schiff Nutrition International is a supplement manufacturer specializing in holistic health nutritional supplements
  • According to a recently settled class action lawsuit, Schiff Nutrition International deliberately concealed the potential side effects of several supplements
  • The glucosamine supplements mentioned in the lawsuit include Lubriflex, Move Free, Muscle Tribe, Member’s Mark, Kirkland, Pain Free, Metaform, Schiff, Spring Valley, Move Free Advanced, and Victory supplements.

According to the plaintiffs, Schiff used dishonest statements and misleading product packaging to sell its supplements. The lawsuit also alleges that Schiff deliberately concealed several dangerous side effects of glucosamine.

Important Information

  • If you are a United States resident who bought Schiff supplements between 2005 and 2015, you may be considered a member of the settlement class
  • Depending on the number of supplements you bought, Schiff currently estimates you’ll receive a payment between three and fifty dollars
  • In order to get the highest payout, you need to furnish proof that you purchased the supplements
  • All class settlement members must file claim forms by 9/24/2015
  • If you want to be excluded from the class action or even object to it, contact the Claims Administrator

While Schiff agreed to a $6,500,000 settlement in , it has continuously denied all of the allegations. The company continues to support their supplements and labeling practices.

How to File?

  •  File your claim form online at the schiff glucosamine settlement portal
  • Call 1-877-219-9780
  • Request a claim form by mailing a request to Schiff Nutrition International Consumer Settlement Administrator, P.O. Box 43352, Providence, Rhode Island, 02840.

It’s important to remember that you relinquish all rights to bring your own lawsuit against Schiff if you file for a class action claim. You can opt out of the settlement by contacting the class action administrators at 1-877-219-9780.


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