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SafeLink Phone Exchange

  • Enter the customer’s phone number and the last 4 digits of your Serial Number to verify a 2G phone and to view promotional offers
  • This is designed for 2G Migration Eligibility only
  • The only reason this is happening is because SafeLink partners are beginning the process of phasing out their 2G coverage

The SafeLink phone exchange service may begin having service interruptions in the near future, particularly if when traveling to other parts of the United States as certain areas are being impacted earlier than others (i.e. the East Coast).  Eventually all 2G phones will stop working completely and the customer will either have to migrate their service or find a new phone company.

SafeLink Phone Exchange Comments

  • Migrating the service does not cost a dime
  • A must for those who want to keep their SafeLink phone
  • SAFELINK WIRELESS service is a program for Income eligible households (i.e. poor people) provided by TracFone Wireless , Inc
  • Households must be U.S. Government poverty guidelines in order to claim a phone
  • Any questions by mail can be directed to Safelink Wireless PO Box 220009 Milwaukie, OR 97269-0009
  • SafeLink phones can be found at popular retailers to include Walgreens and Walmart
  • Signals are carried on the towers of over 30 major carriers around the U.S
  • No monthly bills and contracts are not required

To view a phone number associated with a SafeLink phone simply open up the prepaid menu screen on the phone then navigate to the”Phone Number” option and select it… the customer’s phone number will display. To return to the main screen, press the PWR/END key.  Any questions in regards to the SafeLink phone exchange service can be directed to 866-667-6437.  Those who do not provide a valid serial number or phone number will not be able to complete the migration process.

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