www.riteaid.com/plenti – wellness+ Plenti with Rite Aid

Rite Aid Plenti

  • Rite Aid recently revamped, redesigned, and renamed its popular Wellness+ Program.
  • Now called Wellness+Plenti, this fantastic new program offers more rewards, discounts, and promotions than ever!
  • Customers still earn the benefits they know and love, like Wellness points redeemable toward prescription discounts.

The Rite Aid Wellness+ program has partnered with Plenti’s amazing discount cards ! Customers can use their Plenti cards to earn rewards at Rite Aid and thousands of other Plenti partners, ensuring they earn more points than ever before.

Important Information

  • Customers must sign up for a new Wellness+ Plenti card online or in store.
  • While point values vary, 200 points usually equals $2 in Plenti rewards.
  • Rite Aid Wellness points remain unaffected, while UP+ points now convert into Plenti points that you can redeem and earn at thousands of retailers.
  • Plenti points will now be valid for two full years instead of only two weeks.
  • The program is free to join. Customers do have to make purchases in order to gain and use points, but the program requires no additional fees.

This is one of the best rewards programs available for Rite Aid shoppers and Plenti cardholders! Not only do points last longer and have more value, they’re usable at more stores and feature better promotions and more flexibility than ever!

How to Apply

  • Existing customers can log in to their wellness account and update their membership online, or go in store.
  • New customers can sign up for Wellness+Plenti in store.
  • Once you sign up, you’ll receive your card and can start earning rewards immediately!

This is an exciting merger of two of the best shopping rewards programs available. Wellness + Plenti ensures members earn more rewards that they can use at thousands of retailers nationwide!