www.redlobster.com/employment – Apply for a Job at Red Lobster

Apply for a Job at Red Lobster

  • Red Lobster now offers a simple, streamlined employment application process
  • In addition to applying for jobs, candidates can view job openings, descriptions, and employment groups at redlobster.com/employment
  • Once potential employees submit their applications, the Red Lobster location receives it immediately, ensuring that applications aren’t lost or misplaced

With Red Lobster’s state of the art online application system, you could submit an application today and hear back as soon as tomorrow! Red Lobster offers online applications for all positions, from greeters to managers, so this is an ideal platform no matter what position you’re seeking.

Important Information

  • Red Lobster is an equal opportunity employer, which means each applicant is evaluated based on ability and experience
  • Submitting an application does not guarantee that Red Lobster will hire you
  • When completing the application, you must provide your full name, contact details, address, past employment information,
  • You’ll need to have a social security card, birth certificate, and state-issued photo ID to get hired
  • Depending on workforce needs, it could be several days, weeks, or even months before Red Lobster contacts you regarding your application

When you complete the application, make sure you provide accurate, thorough, and honest information. Don’t whitewash, embellish, or omit any part of your work or education history. Follow up if you don’t hear anything for a week or two, but keep it minimal and polite.

How to Apply for a Job at Red Lobster

  • Go to redlobster.com/employment
  • Select your state and nearest cities to check for openings
  • Once you’ve found a position, click “Apply Now”
  • Follow all instructions and complete all fields carefully. Depending on your work history, this could take anywhere between twenty minutes to over an hour
  • Once you’ve completed the application, review your information for accuracy and submit it

Applying for a job at Red Lobster is simple, easy, and extremely convenient! Check out openings today and apply to start growing your career with one of the top restaurants in the country.