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Upgrade Promotional Offer

  • USCCA members are fully protected from the risk of financial trouble that comes along with a legal battle over using their concealed weapon
  • Become a USCCA platinum member free, and at no risk for 30 days
  • Have the security that comes with the nation’s largest insurance backed gun insurance program

The US Concealed Carry Association is a magazine that’s dedicated to everything a concealed carry owner would want to know, and they’re an organization that’s committed to helping concealed carry permit owners should they run into legal trouble. When you’re a USCCA member, you don’t have to worry about the finances of a legal battle concerning your concealed carry permit.

With this offer, you’re getting a USCCA Platinum membership completely free for 30 days, and at no risk. You’re concerned about protecting yourself and your family when it comes to the use of a gun, and you need to make sure that you’re protected legally regarding that gun.

Once your risk free trial is up, you’ll be charged the regular rate: $30 a month. But even at the full price, a membership in USCCA is well worth the cost! The peace of mind that comes with a membership is totally priceless.

A premium USCCA membership gets you a subscription to Concealed Carry magazine, the protection of the largest insurance backed gun insurance program in the nation, access to the USCCA online resources (like articles, gun and gear reviews, training tips, and more), dozen of reports like building a bug out bag, surviving a disaster, choosing a holster, first aid, improving accuracy, and other life saving topics, plus a new member welcome kit.

With USCCA, you’re helping yourself become a more responsible gun owner, learning how to shoot safely, and keeping the peace of mind knowing that you’ll have legal protection should you ever have to use your weapon.

To contact USCCA:

  • 877-677-1919


  1. www.reactivateuscca.com