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Prepay Refill

  • With the Prepay Refill service, customers can automatically refill their prepaid phones from a number of carriers like AirVoice, H20, Net 10,  Tracfone, Pay Plus, and others
  • Customers who use Prepay Refill have their credit cards charged three days before their renewal date to ensure that the minutes are added on time
  • Prepay Refill offers a rewards points program where frequent customers earn points for every purchase they make, and eventually earn enough points for site discounts

For customers who have prepaid cell phone plans , the Prepay Refill site is the most convenient way to add more time to their cell phone plan each month through automatic payments. With most prepaid cell phone plans, the renewal is due on the same day each month, and the phone is automatically cut off if payment isn’t made. Most people just have too much going on to remember to make a payment each month, so Prepay Refill makes those payments automatically. Services ordered through Prepay Refill are credited to the customer’s cell phone account within 48 hours of purchase.

More to Know About Prepay Refill’s Affiliate Rewards Program

  • If a customer earns 1,000 points in a month, their total is automatically doubled, and if a customer earns 5,000 rewards points in a single month, their Prepay Refill Rewards are automatically tripled
  • To contact Prepay Refill support@prepayrefill.com

Prepay Refill even offers a great referral program where when a customer refers someone else to Prepaid Refill, and the new customer makes a purchase, the person who referred gets rewards points that can be used for discounts on Prepaid Refill services.

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