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  • Provides and improves the players Pokemon GO experience by displaying all the Pokemon available around the gamer or in any selected area (i.e. the city of Orange County)
  • Free to use and download (available for the Android OS)
  • DD

Pokemesh allows players to filter out the Pokemon they are not interested in via the Pokedex (no more of catching the same creature a thousands time), and even allows the player to run the app in background mode which will help reserves the phone’s battery life (which means more Pokemon GO).

Pokemesh Comments

  • A Real-Time Pokemon GO Map for Android
  • Status: up and running for now
  • Pokemesh allows the user to see this map while they’re using their smart phone
  • Allows players to donate to Pokemesh via Paypal
  • The PayPal donation tab could get them in trouble with Niantic and/or Nintendo and cause them to get shut down
  • Niantic and/or Nintendo do not allow 3rd party apps to make money from Pokemon Go at this time

What in the world is this Pokemon Go game?

  • Location-based augmented reality game developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices
  • Free to play and highly addicting
  • Was released to the general public in July of 2016

Pokemon Go has been downloaded by more than 100,000,000 players world-wide and prides themselves in creating a game that involves physical activity (players actually have to walk around to find creatures… some players use bikes and skateboards to make it from one Pokestop to another).  Some city governments expressed concerns over the game’s security due to crime and accidents.

Any questions in regards to the Pokemesh APP can be directed to pokemeshapp@gmail.com (a toll-free number could not be found).  Pokemesh is constantly updating their content to stay one step ahead of the competition and to avoid being shut down by the haters.

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