www.pokemastercoins.com – Generate Free Pokemon Go Coins?

Poke Master Coins

  • Free to use and Pokecoins will be generated within minutes of requesting (or so were told)
  • Works with both the iOS & Android devices
  • The creators of the service managed to somehow reverse engineer the Pokemon Go private api

The Poke Master Coins program enforces customers to only redeem coins every 24 hours in order to prevent the servers from shutting down and make it fair for all gamers.  Pokecoins range from 100 to 14,500 and gamers must provide a username in order to claim the coins.

Pokemastercoins.com Comments

  • A must download for all Pokemon Go fan boys
  • In order to prevent robo entires gamers will be asked to complete a short promotional offer (i.e. survey) in order to unlock Poke Master Coins
  • A contact form or phone number could not be found for the service

What people are saying about Pokemastercoins.com?

  • “Wow i cant believe this really worked, I was hanging out at a Pokestop and someone told me about this site… it really works.” – Evie Cartwright, New York City The Bronx
  • “Had to download a free app but after I downloaded and ran it the coins came to my account about 15 minutes later.” – Luca Lloyd, location unknown.

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