www.pokemapgo.org – Find Pokemon GO Map

Poke Map Go

  • Another run of the mill Pokemon Go map which will help players obtain more Pokemon
  • Free to use and requires the player to disclose their location
  • Over 150,000 trained players online

The Poke Map Go service attempts to lists all Pokemons worldwide (this is a tough challenge as there are so many) so that Pokemon Go fan boys can find and build their dream team… players can also assist fellow community members by adding findings.  The Poke Map Go service is a pretty decent map but not as good as in the in-game map provided by Niantic Labs.  The Poke Map Go is available for use on both the ‎iPhone and Android devices.

One of the main goals from the creators of Poke Map Go is to to create a thriving community website where trainers can exchange tricks, findings in order to improve themselves.

Poke Map Go Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Download will take less than 1 minute
  • The player will not have to pay for using the service
  • Lots of Pokemon come up in popular cities (i.e. Paris, New York, Milan)

Poke Map Go Cons

  • Cities with a smaller popular may not have that many Pokemon map locations
  • Not as good as the in-game app
  • Is known for short but bothersome outages

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