www.pokedextracker.com – Track Living Dex Progress

Pokedex Tracker

  • Provides Pokemon Go fan boys with a tool to track Living Dex progress online
  • Fan boys can also share their progress with other fan boys online to boost their egos
  • Free to use and register

The Pokedex Tracker also allows the user to toggle between and track captured Pokemon (to include the rare Pokemons) and ind the locations of those left to be captured.  This program is a must download for hard-core Pokemon Go players.

Please note the Pokedex Tracker project is open source, and players can find the code on Github (website & API).  Players are encouraged to report any and all issues, suggest features, or even submit a pull request online.

Pokedex Tracker does not require the player to provide an email address but they will have to create a unique username and confirm a password.  The Pokedex project is based in San Fransisco and will not slow down the Pokemon Go game.

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