www.pokeadvisor.com – Access PokeAdvisor Online


  • Access Pokemon Go Trainer Profiles, IV Stats, Moves, and leaderboards
  • Niantic has NOT blocked PokeAdvisor as of today (this is subject to change)
  • Primarily used as a high-end stat-tracking service for the popular Pokemon Go game
  • A must download for fans of Pokemon Go

What exactly does PokeAdvisor allow a player to do?

  • View a full Pokedex
  • View statistics about any given trainer
  • Check out cool and informative community leaderboards
  • View the exact IV for all of the players Pokemon automatically

Users of PokeAdvisor can also view details such as how many pokemon they had captured and how many pokestops they had visited (most of these stats are used to make their friends jealous of how great of Pokemon player they are).

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