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Payments 2 Northland

  • For over three decades, the Northland Group has worked with customers to help resolve past due debt
  • With Northland Group’s online web site, customers can make secure payments on an old debt, make an offer to settle a total debt, review their account contact information, and see payment options and offers
  • To login, customers will need their Northland Group reference number, plus their password (which will be the last 4 digits of their Social Security number the first time)

Northland Group is considered a debt collector , and any information given to them may potentially be used for the purposes of collecting a debt. Corporations that have customers who have past due debts sell those debts to Northland for a fraction of the debt’s total price, and Northland attempts to collect either the full amount or a portion of the debt.

A payment made to Northland will be applied to the customer’s debt account immediately, but calls regarding that debt may continue for 24 hours until Northland’s systems are able to be updated.

More to Know About Northland Group

Founded in 1982, Northland Group is an accounts receivable and debt collection service that prioritizes compliance with federal laws and getting payments from customers in a professional, courteous fashion.

  • Northland is a BBB accredited business, and also has certification from the ACA and the ISO. Debt collection companies are not required to be a part of the ACA, but 5,500 of the industry’s top collection agencies, asset buyers, attorneys, and creditors are

To contact Northland Group Inc.:

  • 7831 Glenroy Road, Suite 250, Minneapolis, MN 55439
  • (888)-287-5711

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