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Pay Court Online

  • The Pay Court Online website is available to pay a New York traffic ticket, New York parking ticket, or other New York court fines and fees without visiting the court-house
  • Customers making a payment on the New York Courts ePayment site will need to enter their citation number and agree to the website terms to make a payment
  • Payments made using the New York eCourts payment system will be applied by the end of the business day, and will encounter a small service charge for using the online system

People who have received a parking ticket or a traffic ticket from the state of New York, or who have court costs associated with the state of New York that must be paid can logon to make those payments quickly and conveniently online via the Pay Court Online system.  To may a payment for a traffic ticket in New York, residents will need to enter their citation number, along with their last name as it appears on the received citation.

  • For payments made on a New York parking ticket, residents will need to enter their last name or their ticket number, along with the state of their license plate, and their tag number
  • For payments on other court cost and feed, residents will need to enter their last name and their specific citation number

When a payment is made online for a parking ticket or traffic ticket in the state of New York, the defendant is assuming guilt in the matter, and will see any fines or penalties assessed as a result. People who wish to fight a ticket with New York do not need to make a payment online .

To contact New York State Court ePayments:

  • 1-888-912-1541
  • question@nycourts.gov
  • New York State Unified Court System, Office of Court Administration, Rm. 852, 25 Beaver Street, New York, NY 10004


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