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First PREMIER Bank Payment Application

  • Logon to set up your First Premier Bank credit card
  • You will need to pay a processing fee to fully use your Premier account
  • The First Premier credit card is a great choice for people who are building up their credit for the first time, or who are restoring their credit after encountering financial trouble

If you’ve been approved for a credit card with First Premier Bank, congratulations! Premier Bank is an excellent bank to have a credit card with. It’s designed for people who have less than perfect credit, and is set up to help those people build or restore their credit. If you’ve received your Premier card in the mail, you will need to logon and activate it. To start using it, you will need to pay a small processing fee.

To locate your application and account in the Premier system, you’ll just need to enter your Social Security number and your reference number. Once you have that information entered, you can make a payment towards your processing fee.

If you use a method other than a credit or debit card to make a payment towards your Premier processing fee, be aware that it could take up to six days for that payment to be applied towards your account. That means it’ll be a little longer before you can start using your Premier credit card, so it’s best to make a payment with a card. There’s a good chance that if you pay with a card, you’ll be able to use your Premier account right away!

During the setup process, you’ll be asked to choose a 4 digit PIN for whenever you use your Premier card. This is the digit you’ll enter at checkout.

To contact First Premier Bank about your credit card:

  • 800-987-5521


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