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NYL AARP Service

  • Customers who have their AARP Life Insurance through New York Life Insurance Company can log on to manage their policy
  • New York Life AARP customers who do not already have an account can easily create one. All they will need is their last name, date of birth, the last 4 digits of their Social Security number, their certificate number, and their e-mail address
  • No login is necessary for a customer to make a payment towards an AARP account as a guest, access the AARP beneficiary change form, or the AARP change payor form

When AARP customers logon to the New York Life Insurance website, they can do a number of things, including making a payment, updating their personal information, changing their beneficiaries, and accessing all the important forms they need.

AARP’s life insurance operated through New York Life offers AARP members both permanent and term life insurance coverage. There’s no physical exam required to join New York Life Insurance, and acceptance is based solely on health records. AARP members who are interested in coverage can sign up to receive an instant quote for term life insurance. The basic level of insurance from AARP New York Life provides up to $100,000 of coverage.

The AARP Lifetime Income Program also from New York Life is designed to provide a revenue stream that provides a guaranteed income that becomes a part of retirement savings. Annuities from New York Life insurance are designed to help AARP members meet their retirement goals not just during, but before their retirement.

Designed to help enrich the lives of people over the age of 50, AARP is a non-profit organization that focuses on health, finances, and a number of other aspects of life.

To contact New York Life about an AARP life insurance policy:

  • The AARP Life Insurance Program, c/o New York Life, P.O. Box 30712, Tampa, FL  33630-371
  • 1-800-850-2658


  1. www.nylaarp.com/service