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  • Those lucky enough to receive a pre approved offer from Credit One can apply for a credit card online in less than 2 minutes
  • Please have the approval code on hand
  • Please note the approval code can be found towards the top of the credit card offer from Credit One Bank that was received in the mail

The np7b56 is a pre approved offer but those who did not receive a mailing can still apply (the odds of approval are much better for those who received a promotional offer however).  The applicant has the chance to pick a variety of card designs to include a beach setting, a picture of the United States flag, leopard print (marketed mostly to young girls), fish, and of course everyone’s favorite a picture of a puppy.

Credit One Bank Card Comments

  • Designed for those with less than perfect credit
  • Will help improve a credit score but comes with hefty fees
  • Credit One Bank is a proud member FDIC
  • Those who have already submitted an np7b56 Credit One card application can go   here to check the status
  • Those who have not received a credit card offer from Credit One Bank can still apply online   here

Credit One Bank NA

  • Sin City (aka Las Vegas) based bank
  • Makes most of their dough (aka money) from high APR credit cards with hefty fees
  • These cards do work to improve a customer credit score when on time payments are made

Credit One employees right around 500 people and are headquartered at 585 Pilot Road, Las Vegas, Nevada.  The firm was actually founded in California (under the strange name First National Bank of Marin) but relocated to Nevada due to business and tax reasons.  The bank is not a publically traded company and total assets around 200 million US Dollars.

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