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NJ UI File Claim Weekly Benefits

  • Claim weekly benefits online associated with Unemployment Insurance Benefits in the Garden State (aka the state of New Jersey)
  • The service is operated by the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development who bills themselves as an equal employment opportunity employer and provides equal opportunity programs
  • A variety of other online unemployment services can also be conducted using the service

Residents in the state using the NJ UI File Claim Weekly Benefits system should expect about a 5 minute (or less) claiming process in which they will have to certify that they have not found a job in order to collect their weekly unemployment payment .  Residents can also view or print 1099G Tax Information online and check on the status of a NJ UI claim that is under review.  Those who do not have a pay stub or their work week is different from our Sunday to Saturday claim week will be required to calculate their gross wages in order to report them AND residents who collect unemployment payments when they should not will have to pay the full amount back PLUS interest.  Once the person acquires a full-time job their benefits will stop (partial unemployment insurance benefits may be available for some depending on when they officially started their new position).

NJ UI File Claim Weekly Benefits

  • Must have already been approved for UI benefits in the state of New Jersey in order to claim weekly benefits
  • Collecting Unemployment Insurance Benefits While Working and Not Reporting Wages Is A CRIME
  • Gross wages (aka the amount of money earned before taxes or deductions) must be reported during the week they were earned, not when the individual was paid
  • Collected Unemployment Insurance Benefits while working is against the law punishable by prison and or a heavy fine

Any questions about the NJ UI File Claim Weekly Benefits system can be directed to a help agent at (201) 601-4100, (732) 761-2020, or (856) 507-2340.  Those who are calling from out-of-state should dial (888) 795-6672.

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