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My Reservation Request

  • Customers who have received a certificate from My Reservation Request are the lucky winners of a 3 day, 2 night getaway for two, and can visit the My Reservation Rewards website to choose their destination
  • People who have a My Reservation Request Certificate will need to hold on to their certificate, because it has a code on it that’s the key to unlocking their prize
  • The list of potential destinations include cities like Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Hawaii, Mexico, Cabo, and more.

My Reservation Request is an online website that selects potential winners to receive a vacation package just for entering their information .

  • Once a potential winners has submitted their code to My Reservation Request, they will need to enter their e-mail address to receive forms that will need to be filled out
  • Forms from My Reservation Request will be sent out within 48 hours of the initial code submission
  • The forms will receive a list of hotels that My Reservation Request winners can choose from

One of the best things about a vacation package from My Reservation Request is that in addition to the included prize package, winners have the chance to add more nights to their trip.

Winners trying to book a trip from My Reservation Request will receive an e-mail about 30 to 60 days prior to their check in date with all the details of their trip. Winners who have asked about additional nights will be contacted around 45 to 60 days in advance to discuss any additional costs that will be incurred. Customers who do not have an e-mail address can opt for MyReservationRequest.com to send forms via snail mail.


  1. www.myreservationrequest.com