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My Power Supply

  • The Power Supply web site hooks customers up with great food prepared by local chefs, delivered straight to the customer’s door
  • Right now, Power Supply food service is only available in three cities: San Francisco Bay area, the Los Angeles area, and the Washington, D.C. area
  • In many cases, Power Supply food even helps customer manage their weight or lose weight by doling out proper portion sizes.

Power Supply works on a pretty basic premise: customers just choose what kind of foods they like best online. A local chef prepares great meals, and food is shipped to the customer ready to heat and eat. The Power Supply service even works great for people in the same household who want to eat different things by allowing customers to have more than one person on their account.

Orders placed from Power Supply by midnight on Thursday will arrive the following Monday for customers on the “3 day” plan, on Monday and Thursday both for Power Supply’s “5 day plan” on and Thursday for the “2 day plan.”

My Power Supply Comments

  • Customers making their very first order with Power Supply will be asked to create an account so future ordering will be easier
  • Power Supply food plans can be paused, canceled, and restarted at any time without any fees
  • Customers can also choose to receive their Power Supply meals by picking them up at designated spots.

Can customers choose their Power Supply ingredients and meals?

Power Supply customers have a lot of control over their food, with the ability to choose from any menu (like lunch, dinner, or specials). The “Mod Your Menu” button lets customers choose to not receive certain ingredients because of allergies or dietary restrictions. These changes can be made permanently, or on a week by week basis. To contact Power Supply food please dial 02-656-1644.

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