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  • The MyPks web site is designed for employees who work at a Six Flag owned theme park to manage their HR related tasks like requesting time off, viewing old Six Flags paychecks, finding insurance benefit information and more
  • Any information found on the MyPks web site is considered confidential and for Six Flags employees only (meaning unauthorized access may be punishable by law)
  • If a Six Flags employee has forgotten their login information for MyPks, they will need to have a HR representative reset their password

To log in to MyPks, Six Flags employees just need to enter their employee badge ID number and their date of birth. Information found on MyPks should be considered to be as updated as possible, and would be the same information that any Six Flags manager would have access to. Employees can also find Six Flags W2 forms when tax season rolls around, and can print these as soon as March 1 of each year.  Please contact the Six Flags Entertainment Corporation for all questions regarding the MyPKS program service.

More about Six Flags Parks

Six Flags opened in August of 1961 with a theme park in Arlington, Texas. Today, Six Flags has 18 parks across the United States, and serves nearly 30 million guests each year. Six Flags is famous for their commercials that feature unofficial mascot “Mr. Six,” and old man dressed in a tuxedo.  The newest Six Flags theme park is “Six Flags Fiesta Texas,” which opened in 1992 in San Antonio, Texas.

  • The current Six Flags headquarters are in Grand Prairie, Texas
  • The name Six Flags refers to the six flags that have ruled or flown over Texas: France, Spain, the Republic of Texas, Mexico, the United States, and the Confederate States of America

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